Asu, que tal chanchote?!

Kind of a schaudenfraude video, but I can't get enough of this video of catcallers getting called out after catcalling their own moms, especially the mom who says that "she doesn't care about [his] boss"

Getting a Haircut

As evidenced by the very first two videos on this blog, I know I have the ASMR. I'm not sure exactly what triggers it, but usually women with a certain kind of touch can do something. Though it's mostly women that can arouse this feeling, I find that this Minecraft video does something as well.

A New Twist on Archery

Lars Andersen, re-discovering the ancient practices of archery, where you could fire 3 arrows within 0.6 seconds.

From Digg.

My Name's Ibra, Holmes

And I'm from PSG-10.

Reppin' the 805 million people in the world, ese.

Whatchu doin' for the world, bro?

Chicagoans Talk about Gun Violence

Given my past post about a group of Chicagoans attempting to intervene in the city's violence and Derrick Rose, posting this mini-documentary by Bulls Center Joakim Noah was only appropo

Fart Loading

A really good sense of humor.