NFL Player Giving 79 Students His Base Salary

As I was reading this story of Braylon Edwards, I was wondering how we make this type of giving the norm rather than the exception.

From Yahoo
As a Cleveland Browns rookie in 2005, Edwards announced he'd give $10,000 in scholarships to 100 area eighth-graders if they could graduate high school with over a 2.5 GPA and 15 hours community service. Of the 100 who were afforded the opportunity, 79 met the criteria and have begun their first year of college.

He barely made enough money to support these children.

The 79 students were provided with laptops and other supplies to help them out when they arrived on campus.

"I'm supposed to give people a chance like I was given a chance," Edwards said.

Edwards hasn't played for the Browns in two years. He's a member of the San Francisco 49ers this season and is earning a $1 million base salary for the year, just about what he'll pay those 79 students he promised to help years ago.

Young, Inexperienced...Confident.

“You are young and inexperienced, but you should somehow create an aura of confidence and authority” - Esa-Pekka Salonen, L.A. Philharmonic on Gustavo Dudamel at 23, in his first time conducting a professional orchestra